What kind of grass would be good for yoga practice?

Asked November 7, 2013, 12:34 PM EST

I'm trying to improve landscaping of the Kateri House, a half way house for native Americans in recovery. The front grass is very worn (under large spruce trees). The back sunny but sod planted two years ago is covered with weeds. I'm wondering about prairie grass. The women do yoga on the grass. Would that work? Is prairie grass low maintenance?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Grass will never do well under spruce trees. For the front yard I suggest that you put down several layers of wet newspaper and then cover that with wood mulch. The newspaper will smother any remaining grass and then eventually compost into the soil. Newsprint is now made out of soy so you are not adding any chemicals. The trees will appreciate the wood mulch. You can top dress it each year. I believe the city has some piles of wood chips that you can get free.

As far as the back yard, prairie grasses are tall and coarse. Like any other grass, they need to be tended and watered for the first year or so to become established. The current yard could be sprayed for weeds. Use a broadleaf weed killer. Read the labels. You do not want Round Up or a similar non-specific herbicide as that will also kill any grass you have. The weeds should be going dormant now and will pull the herbicide down into the roots.

Then, in a couple weeks you can do dormant grass seeding. Pick a mix meant for heavy traffic or 'play'areas. http://blog.lib.umn.edu/efans/ygnews/2009/11/dormant-seed-now-to-promote-th.html You may have to treat the weeds again next spring and you will need to water to help the new seedlings become established.