Mole invation

Asked November 7, 2013, 9:53 AM EST

Help! We have had a mole problem for a few years now. We've tried putting pellets into the tunnels, sound (wind mills), put down insecticides to kill the grubs, etc., and have had limited success. However, they just seem to come right back. Its like that "whack a mole" game in the arcade. You kill one set, and the pop up elsewhere in the lawn. Any other suggestions?

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Sorry to hear of your mole problem. Best bet is to get a couple of mole traps and kill the little critters. We have a good publication (ANR-0759) here in Alabama that could help: Personally I like the harpoon style trap. You can buy these at any good hardware or farm supply store. It's fairly easy to work. Just step down all of the tunnels, next morning the tunnel that is popped up is the one they are using. Place the trap on that tunnel. You may have to do this a few times to catch all of them. Then keep it in the garage/shed/basement for the next time. Blessings.