Please suggest a fertilizer for flowering shrubs

Asked November 6, 2013, 7:40 PM EST

I have many azaleas, some viburnums, hydrangea, spirea and fothergilla. I prefer mixing up a liquid. I am planning to give these plants a boost in early spring before the blooming season. These are all established plants and generally doing well.

Baltimore County Maryland

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If your plants are well established and doing well, they do not have to be fertilized. Azaleas and fothergilla prefer acid soil, so a acid fertilizer such as HollyTone or MirAcid would be appropriate. The other shrubs that you mention prefer a more neutral pH and so any general purpose fertilizer, such as MiracleGrow could be used. Your fertilizer does not have to be name brand. For the azalea and fothergilla look for something labeled for acid loving shrubs. For the rest look on the label for all purpose shrub fertilizer. Be sure not to exceed what is recommended on the label--in fact using half of what is recommended on the label would be a good approach.