Report finding marmorated stinkbugs

Asked November 5, 2013, 3:41 PM EST

I heard a story on NPR about these bugs. I am a Master Gardener and have been aware of this problem for a year or two. I have found a few of them in my yard and have killed them but I have had the distinct damage done to my apples that is shown in a website describing the problems caused by them. On the radio they said it is good to report the presence of them if you have any so I am doing that. I live in Yamhill County in the city of McMinnville, Oregon.

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Thank you for your concern over the brown marmorated stink bug in your area. I am also a McMinnville resident who has seen this pest in my yard. There is an increasing concern over this insect due to its ability to damage so many types of plants and the difficulty in controlling it. I have included a link to the Oregon State University horticulture department page that discusses the insect more at length. They are also the people to contact about your sightings of the pest. Their e-mail address is

Hopefully this information can help you better answer questions that will likely come to the Yamhill Co. Master Gardeners regarding this pest.

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