Chemical control of Asian Jasmine

Asked November 4, 2013, 7:57 PM EST

I have a large area of asian jasmine that I wish to get rid of. I have used Ortho's poison ivy and brush killer with no effect. What chemical would you recommend to kill the jasmine before I mow it to the ground.
I am desperate.
Thank you.
Richard Evans

Harris County Texas

1 Response

That is a tough plant to control with a spray. The glossy foliage tends to cause sprays to roll off. A surfactant in the triclopyr (active ingredient) spray solution you used will help the spray to spread out and stick to the foliage better. One option is to use a weed eater to wound the leaves and stems a little and then spray.
Other than this you will need to resort to hand digging or mowing the Asian jasmine to the ground, the lower the better, and then covering it with a ground cloth fabric to block out the light and kill the plants.