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Asked November 4, 2013, 6:09 PM EST

I would like to know more about these programs to offer them to our 4H group. Is it possible to gain your hunter safety certification though either of these programs in 4H

Sweetwater County Wyoming

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You can find basic answers on our web page at- and select the specific projects. For answers to specific questions you can start by contacting your local Extension office. Additionally you can call the state 4-H office at 766.5170 or email us your question at .

We offer young people the chance to select hunting and/or wildlife as their projects in 4-H and they can establish learning goals, exhibits, etc. just like any of the other projects. At the state level, our state shooting competition involves a partnership with the Wyoming Game and Fish with a competitive component called Outdoor Skills and the Wyoming State 4-H Foundation just completed its third year of providing a hunting experience to youth that may not have the opportunity to hunt for various reasons. It was a white-tail doe hunt at the Solitude Ranch in Hulett, Wyoming.

Details to each can be found at:
Outdoor Skills-
Hunt- and look under other programs.

Wyoming 4-H does not provide Hunter Safety Certification. Many of our 4-H Volunteers are also volunteers for the WG&F that do provide Hunter Safety Certification and 4-H strongly supports it, advertises about it when possible. As a service, here is a link to their site-