Managing Rangeland

Asked November 3, 2013, 11:41 PM EST

Our rangeland has been seeded with crested wheatgrass and a few other dryland species. I would like to spread the seeds for a thicker stand. Would it be better to mow or drag the area? Or possibly both?
Thanks, Deanne

Grant County Oregon

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If you have some livestock I'd graze them in the area after the seeds are mature. This may help reduce the treatment costs while also providing feed for animals. A supplement like a lick tub may be effective at keeping them in the area and will make up for what's missing from grazing dormant grasses. Also some grasses like crested wheat are bunch grasses and they will often have spaces in between plants. In vigorous stands the roots will be in these spaces under the soil surface. This can be an effective barrier against invasive species. Send me a message if I can expound on this.