Dying spruce trees

Asked November 3, 2013, 2:36 PM EST

These two spruces are about 15' fom each other, have lost their needles on lower half of tree over a period of 3 years, and are on a flat area that drains a slope from four condo units and their French drains and sump pump outflow pipes. In other words, damp but not "wet." Have lichens because on north side. Will re-needle? Will continue to de-nude and die?

New Castle County Delaware plant disease spruce spruce trees

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The photos you submitted show some dieback from the bottom up on your trees. This is usually an indication of a root problem. It appears that the trees were planted a bit deep, which may have put additional stress on the trees and their establishment. The past 6 months we have been subject to a great deal of fluctuation in moisture in northern Delaware, with rains coming heavy at times and leading to saturated soil. We also had a period of drought in September. The drain field adds to moisture when we get heavy rains. Evergreens also drop needles seasonally this time of year. You could dig down a bit around the base of the trees and check some of the roots to see if they are a good light color, or whether the roots are dark and show any rot. I would recommend that you re-evaluate the trees in the spring. Do not fertilize this season. The lichens on the trees are harmless and an indicator of good air quality.

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