Mayette walnut survival!

Asked November 3, 2013, 11:24 AM EST

With only 1 about 82 yrs old..and grafted upon a black may we best create an having walnuts of that type here? We have saved about 20 mayettes from this years harvest..but do not know the best way to..proceed. We think it is to hold them in a cool, winter weather environment..and then plant in Spring. The grafting would have been..'easy street' for my father..but he has..passed away. W. William Puustinen..was a master at it. Information..would be appreciated. Thank you, Ina Puustinen-Westerholm

Lane County Oregon

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Just plant in the site you wish to have the tree grow, just like the squirrels do. or wait until spring. The nuts will not be true to cultivar thogh. Usually a cross.

To graft, contact Clyde Beat, Eugene Wholesale Nursery, 541 688-1225.

Drop by the Extension office at 783 Grant Street, M-Th 10-1 and 2-5 and we have different grafting and propagation mateirals.

Go go to: OSU EESC, click onthe castlaog section.

Then type in walnuts and see if they have any information there.