Will bags of leaves be good winter protection for bulbs?

Asked November 3, 2013, 10:23 AM EST

Is it ok to put black plastic lawn & leaf bags filled with leaves as winter protection in my bulb garden? They are filled about 6 to 8 inches laying flat over lily bulbs that were intended for zone 4 (I'm in 3). They are fairly close to my foundation, but need protection. I was hoping this method was ok so the mess wouldn't be bad in the spring, and that they would be better protected than a thin layer of blowing leaves. Thank you!

Koochiching County Minnesota

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I have done exactly what you are suggesting. However, be careful not to put the bags on too soon. You need to have the ground and weather conditions cold enough to prevent mold/mildew. Store your bags somewhere until it is time to put them down. It will be very important to take them off early next spring. Again, that is to prevent mold/moisture problems.