November too late to overseed?

Asked November 2, 2013, 1:31 AM EDT

Just had my lawn aerated. It's early November. Would like to overseed some areas but is it too late and I am better off doing it in late March? Thank you.

Clackamas County Oregon

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In fall, the best time to seed or overseed a lawn is mid-August to early October. By the time November arrives, temperatures of soil and air have dropped enough that seed will take longer than normal to germinate. The result will be a thin stand with little vigor. In spring, prime time for seeding a lawn is from mid-April through May.

This publication provides an overview to maintain a lawn in western Oregon:

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Thank you. Ok. With recent aeration and dethatch, I've got bare spots. Any suggestions on preventing moss in the upcoming rainy season while I wait to overseed in the spring? Thank you.

Covering bare spots for the winter depends, in part, upon the size of the bare area. Bark dust, an inch or so deep, would work.

But, if moss will move into the area, I doubt you have appropriate conditions for grass which needs at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. “Why Does Moss Grow In Areas Of My Lawn And Not My Grass?” explains the details: Also review “Got moss in your lawn? Try these tips.”

It’s true that seed is sold for “shade” grasses but they typically produce a sparse stand of weak grass. You might want to consider installing an alternative groundcover for the shady area. One way to increase light penetration to the soil surface is to thin out the branches of overhead trees and large shrubs. If such plantings are crowded, you might even consider removing some.