How do you repot a gardenia tree?

Asked November 1, 2013, 4:55 PM EDT

Friends have a gardenia tree in a pot, and it is not doing well. I went to repot it, and the root ball filled the old pot. What size pot should I transplant it to?

Lake County Florida

1 Response

Repot the gardenia into a pot a few inches wider and deeper than original pot, using new potting soil mix. Once you have all materials, gently remove the gardenia from the original pot, loosen the soil and prune off an inch of the encircling roots. Repot in the new container with the top root located at the soil surface, and water in. There is no need to fertilize at the time of replanting; the purchased soil media might have fertilizer in the mix.

You can consult the gardenia growing fact sheet at You might also wish to contact the Lake County Extension office with horticulture (plant and insect) questions at