How dry does corn need to be to save the seeds?

Asked October 30, 2013, 11:08 AM EDT

Saving corn for seed. I planted a non-hybrid corn this year thinking I would save seed for next year. The cobs are drying in a barn, but are not completely dry, with the onset of freezing weather I am wondering if the cobs should be brought inside to finish drying, and just how dry should the kernels be? Does corn have to stratified to germinate? Thank you.

St. Louis County Minnesota

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You should bring your ears of corn in and finish drying them inside. If you leave them out in the barn they won't dry well and you will have trouble keeping the mice and other rodents away from them. You will probably want to dry the kernels to maybe 10% moisture and store in a dry place. You could take a sample into your local elevator and ask them to test it for moisture. Corn does not have to be stratified.