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Asked October 29, 2013, 1:47 PM EDT

Have this tree, don't know if it is a good tree or a bad one. But, some kind of insect seems to like its leaves as a place to lay its eggs. Problem is, the insect is also infecting my current bushes. How do I eliminate the insect? Am I going to have to cut down and dispose of the tree? Pictures attached. Thanks, Robert

St. Joseph County Michigan trees and shrubs insect issues galls

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It appears that you have a Hackberry tree because of the shape of the leaf. I cannot tell further without a look at the whole tree.

The leaves are showing the evidence of insect galls. The Hackbeery has quite a few gall making insects that bother the tree however these apparently do not cause harm to the health of the tree. One such insect is the Gall Psyllid which is very tiny and overwinters in the gall hatching in the spring as an adult ready to lay more eggs on the underside of the leaves.

Again, these insects probably will not harm the health of the tree but you should keep the leaf litter cleaned up this fall so the insects impact of the tree will be lessened next spring.

A web site that you can read about some of these insects is:
There are several websites that deal with gall making insects should you wish to delve further into the subject.

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