My mother has been experiencing random "bug bites" of unknown...

Asked October 28, 2013, 2:27 PM EDT

My mother has been experiencing random "bug bites" of unknown origins for several months now. An exterminator did an inspection and found no evidence of any insect activity. Another person in her building has had a similar experience. Bed bugs have been ruled out; the other woman's husband has not received any bites at all. The bites occur on the back of the legs and arms and appear similar to mosquito bites. The screens in the apartment were replaced early in the spring and have no evidence of any holes. Both my mom and her neighbor (on another floor) have been to the same dermatologist and they can't determine what the cause is other than to say, "it's some sort of insect bite and will stop once the weather cools." This has not occurred. We are at a loss to find out what to do to remedy this. Since no one can find any evidence of insects and there are no pets in either my mom's or the other people's apartment; we are at a loss as to what to do. Is there any evidence of this type of outbreak in any other part of the county? Please send whatever resources may be helpful in trying to figure out the problem. Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland pest control insect identification

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Since there are no evidence of insects or insect samples we are not sure what you are dealing with. Most biting pests can be seen without the aid of magnification.
Please see the attached publication from Penn Sate called 'Is Something Biting Me?' It offers information on possible pests as well as some medical conditions, materials in the environment, and medications that may cause a sensation that fees like insects biting or crawling on the skin. The publication mentions what you should and should not do.