bottling chili

Asked October 28, 2013, 10:17 AM EDT

I am an experienced canner. I have a pressure canner and have had it tested by your satelite office in Centennial. I have canned meat before, but my question is the chili I am thinking of canning has ground beef as well as bacon in it. In the Ball Canning Guide it gives instructions on canning chili with ground beef but not the addition of bacon. Is it safe to follow those instructions?
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Arapahoe County Colorado

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Good question, but the answer is NO. It is not safe to add bacon prior to pressure canning the chili. The fat content can change the density of the product and affect its safety. Follow the USDA-tested instructions for pressure canning chili, then wait to add cooked bacon when simmering just before serving. The flavor will still be good.
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