outside potted Alberta Spruce, winter care

Asked October 28, 2013, 9:38 AM EDT

Do I need to bring in miniature Alberta Spruce trees that are potted, sitting outside my front door? If they can stay outside, do I water them, wrap them? How do I care for them so they will survive the winter?

Saginaw County Michigan

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You do have the option of leaving your potted Alberta Spruce outside for the winter but there is a risk they will not survive. Because there is no insulating ground to protect the roots from freezing and thawing, there is a higher chance that the roots will be damaged or dry out and the trees will not survive. Your other option is to bring them inside to an area where the temperature allows them to remain dormant but they do not suffer the severe changes in temperature and conditions. Below is a link to an article from Iowa State University giving you more details on what to do with both these options.


Hope that helps!