NewCastle Cnty. Sweet, Crimson & Dutch White Clover planting DATES

Asked October 27, 2013, 8:31 PM EDT

I want to know if it is too late to plant ANY clover for. BEES. Iam not interested in red clover, medium red clover or white clover get the idea. Its for BEES, and whateve native pollinators are around in the spring. The area i will be planting is 1/2 acre near Middletown Delaware. It is an area where i had a garden 5 years ago and some K31 tall fescue has migrated into it. I have put down lime and disced it. The soil is well drained, somewhat sandy below 10 inches of topsoil. I have had very good luck growing a combination of winter rye grain and medium red clover there in the past but i now want to grow BEE CLOVER there. Early spring flowers is my goal. I will be planting other areas in the spring for pollinators, but can I plant Dixie Reseeding Crimson Clover or Hubam Sweet Clover or should I plant WINTER PEAS. I will probably plant Dutch White Clover lightly in the entire area because if all else fails it should survive along with the K31 TallFescue. I am familiar with innoculation. Am I too late in the year?

New Castle County Delaware

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It is getting on the late side as there was just a pretty good frost. As My friend says if you like to gamble I would say do it, but as you are probably well aware it needs to get tall enough to overwinter before another good freeze comes and zaps it. I guess you have to weigh in how much of an investment you want to make. In terms of good bee forage I would definitley recommend the sweet clover and/or winter peas over the crimson clover.