green tomatoes

Asked October 27, 2013, 12:28 PM EDT

Can dark green tomatoes be used or do they have to be turning white before you can use them. I have some that are partially white but still dark green in places. I need to know how much of them I can use.

Saline County Illinois

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Most of my references state to use mature green tomatoes for relishes, fried tomato, etc. I do not believe they would be toxic if picked or used in a more immature stage, but I do believe flavor or quality would not be as good. Definitely, immature green tomatoes won't ripen properly, and if they did, the quality would be very poor.

If most of the fruit is white, except for the shoulders (top), I'd go ahead and try some of them. You might want to prepare and sample a small batch of these first, before going through the effort of cooking an entire bushel of them.