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Asked October 27, 2013, 12:06 PM EDT

I am wanting to start a small orchard, possibly 5 acres. I am wanting to plant citrus (oranges,lemons,grapefruit etc) and stone fruit (peaches,plums,nectarines etc). my question is does it matter if you mix these trees in the same row or even in the same area of the orchard? I am planning to do this in Jackson County. Any help in this would be helpful.

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There are no serious reasons to mix citrus trees and stone fruits in a planting like this. The only challenge comes when these trees are closely spaced adjacent to one another and you are trying to spray for a insect or disease problem for one type and not the other. Horticultural oils for example can be sprayed in summer months for citrus, but could cause damage to foliage on peaches and plums if sprayed at the same time. These types of incompatibilities are rare for small, non-commercial orchards.