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Asked October 26, 2013, 2:57 PM EDT

A church member is looking for a pear peeler, is there such a speciak]lty item?

Lincoln County Oregon

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After extensive review, I was not able to locate any specialty item like a “pear peeler” although some of the crank-style apple peeler/corer that mount to the countertop indicate that their product can be used for pears and other odd shaped fruits. However, I was not able to find a reliable source on the practicality of using this type of product specifically with pears.

All Extension publications recommend using knife and melon baller to core pears. I’ve attached links to several publications which discuss preparing pears for canning:

1. Source: University of Georgia National Center for Home Food Preservation Link to website

: Wash and peel pears. Cut lengthwise in halves and remove
core. A melon baller or metal measuring spoon is suitable for coring pears. To prevent discoloration, keep pears in an ascorbic acid solution.

2. Pacific Northwest Extension Publication: Canning Fruits
Link to publication

Instructions for a
pricots, nectarines, peaches, pears:
Wash. Peel if desired (to peel peaches, dip in boiling water 30–60 seconds, place in cold water, and slip skins). Halve fruit and remove pits or cores. Slice if desired. To prevent darkening, put in ascorbic acid solution. Drain.

3. OSU Extension Publication: Preserving Foods--Pears
4. “How to Core a Pear” step-by-step instructions

Hope you find this information helpful.
--Jan Ostby, FCH/NEP Managing Faculty, Lincoln County Extension