Dog friendly Fall fertilizing of blue grass

Asked October 25, 2013, 3:12 PM EDT

Can you recommend an approach that will not expose our dog to nitrogen toxicity that may be present in Fall fertilizer and yet give our yard a much-needed fertilizer boost? Is natural organic chicken waster better for dogs to inhale, sniff, etc. than nonorganic? We live north of Fort Collins. Thank you.

Larimer County Colorado

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I couldn't find any specific research on what you're asking, but natural organics are made from organic materials, such as dehydrated poultry waste, feathers, plant by-products, etc. If your dog eats these products, especially in large quantities, he/she could get sick. Eating inorganic fertilizers can also make your dog sick...and quite honestly, your dog is more likely to eat the natural fertilizers, because they smell good (to the dog).

However, we always recommend that whatever fertilizer you use, you water it in thoroughly after application and keeps pets off the yard for at least a couple hours following application and watering. If you water in either type of fertilizer, your dog won't be able to consume it, as it's already been broken down or washed into the turf surface.

It's a great time of year to fertilize! Know that using organic fertilizers will release nutrients mostly next spring/summer. If your lawn is needing a boost of fertility now, it may be a better choice to use a synthetic in the fall and save organics for next spring/summer.

Also, "winterizer" is no different than the other "regular" fertilizers. The main nutrient you should be concerned about is nitrogen, which is the first number on the bag. Look for a product higher in nitrogen.