Starting a New Lawn from seed now 10/24/2013

Asked October 25, 2013, 4:33 AM EDT

With colder temps, should I wait till spring to start a lawn from seed? My son purchased a home and wanted to get something down if possible to help with mud.
Also read that it is good to use plug roller to start new seed, I have one and could use?

St. Clair County Michigan

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The short answer is no on seeding for this year. There would likely not be germination and even if there was there is no time for root growth or establishment before winter. To seed now would only feed the birds. The optimum time for seeding new lawns is the last week in August, first week in September. Early spring will be the next best time for you.

Not sure what you mean by a plug roller but the most common preferred and effectively used seeding method is a seed slitter which deposits the seed directly into the soil. Remember that the seed must come in contact with the soil to achieve germination. Here is a link concerning late fall seeding by MSU Professor Kevin Frank:

Good luck!