I'm loosing my yard to grub worms. HELP.

Asked October 24, 2013, 3:43 PM EDT

How do I get rid of them. I have used insecticide. Treated for fungus. What can I do to stop the infestation. I also have a decaying tree trunk in yard. Could this be adding to the problem

Tarrant County Texas

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Sounds like you have lots of problems. Let's start with the first, why do you think you have grub worms? have you dug in the soil to check? Everyone has some, it's when you rountinely find 5-7 or more per sq ft that you need to worry.
You mentioned you treated for fungus? Do you have a fungal issue attacking your turf?
What type of turf do you have? What is happening to it, certain areas attacked, turning colors, dying out?
A decaying tree trunk could cause mushrooms and other fungal bodies to show up in the lawn and could be causing some issues as well?
Would be glad to try and help you if you could possible give me some more info? Where do you live, do you irrigate, pictures of the affected area?

Sorry, Why did I think you would know everything just by one little e-mail. I live in Tarrant county, I have St Augustine grass. In July the grass was green and thick and then in late august,brown spots occured. I could pull up the grass easily. I treated for fungus, but brown spots continued to appear. Treated for grubs. I can still did up soil and find grubs. I also have a tree stump just a few feet away. Trying to did it up and remove. some of the roots are decaying. Mushrooms, small one are also popping up. Could this be a sign of fungus damage and attracting grubs, My neighbors do not take care of their yards. One does not water, one does not treat for anything. I am surrounded by people who do not care for yards. How can I save my yard??
I only have this problem in back yard, front seems to be healthy, except for the south side. Struggling with this area. I do see holes in the yard, I think from opossums searching for food. Help,

Ty for the additional info. I would suggest you first take a soil sample, you can get one by contacting our office at 817 884-1945 and asking for one to be sent to you. Usually you will see grub damage in the spring and not so much in the fall as that is when they become active. If you have alot of mushrooms coming up you may have a fungal issue, due in part to the decaying tree. The soil sample will allow you to find out what your pH is, to know if its alkaline or acidic?
You sound like you are definitely challenged with all of your neighbors as well as your own issues.
Take a soil sample
set up a pre-emerge program Valentines day and Labor Day
Cut back watering
Try putting peat moss or even better and thin layer of good compost over the affected areas and see if that doesnt help?
Continue to treat for grubworms with a good product during the recommended times on the bag.