Pet fleas

Asked October 24, 2013, 1:22 PM EDT

How to control fleas on household pets How to help pets with itchy skin

Columbia County Oregon

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Flea control is relatively easy, the itchy skin may be more difficult since a number of different things may be causing it. Control fleas: (1) a bath with good quality flea shampoo (don't use any product that contains permethrin on cats or in a household with cats); (2) vacuum house thoroughly and treat carpets and fabrics with the insect growth regulator methoprene (pump spray); (3) treat pets with a topical medication like Frontline Top Spot. See for more details about these treatments (note: this is my personal site, your county Extension office may have other suggestions).

Itchy skin is often caused by fungi/bacteria and/or allergies. With our dogs we have found that switching to a fish-based diet and avoiding wheat has greatly reduced the skin problems in our basset hounds. Also, regular baths with a medicated shampoo (Malaseb) helps prevent bacterial/fungal skin infections which are common in this breed.

Good luck.