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Asked October 22, 2013, 6:17 PM EDT

We recently purchased a nine-month-old heifer for my son. He currently shows a 16-month-old Braford that is registered with United Braford Breeders (UBB). The young heifer is black and white and seems to look like a black baldy.

My son would like to show in the Majors next year. I have been doing some research, and we can enter the heifer in American Registered Breeds (ARB) if she has a breed-registered parent or in All Other Breeds (AOB) if we can get her certified to have at least 3/16 Brahma. If I need to get her certified, whom do I have to contact? Is it a blood test? Can a veterinarian do this?

Also, the heifer had a silver earclip with most of the orange worn off. I am not sure what the numbers and letters correspond to. I know that orange means she is free of brucellosis and that the first two numbers indicate the state. Could you decipher the tag information? The tag reads 74QKT4641.

Brazoria County Texas beef cattle

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This is the first that I have heard of the AOB certification. I would show her as an ARB because there will be more of her breed type in the show. She should be a 5/8 Hereford and 3/8 Brahman. AOB divisions are typically for nonregistered crossbreds. The tag in her ear is her brucellosis tag, and the information on the tag is just the tag number. She should also have a shield and year tattoo in her right ear. Any other questions can be sent to me at