What to do with chickens with leg problems?

Asked October 21, 2013, 11:58 PM EDT

Wild, escaped flock of game chickens, including 3 small, pin feathered young ones. In about 3 mos. have grown nicely,( free range, don't know where they roost at night) eating bugs, crkd. corn/song bird mix. (That's why they adopted me, coming to my song bird feeders.) Of the 3 birds, 1 shot up w/ legs 2 x the length of other 2. About a week ago, I noticed a bit of weakness in what I thought was 1 leg possibly getting injured. It has now gotten guickly worse to the point of floppy legs and can only "kneel" or lay on breast. I've put him in a small coop I got, so predators can't get him. He eats quite well a mash I made of scratch, crkd corn/wheat/seed, cornmeal, warm water. He stole a lot of catfood I put out for stray.I know too much protein can cause leg probs. I checked for breaks, but is ok. Thighs somewhat warm, gave tylan 200, 2 x, 1x each 48 hrs 2 more in each breast, no improvement so stopped. This is my 2nd fav.bird as when well is quite a character, and the only other friendly bird beside the rooster w/cyst. Again, would like your opinion on putting bird down. I can't stand to see it suffer, it doesn't look as if it'll get better. Thank you for your interest in helping.

Lake County Florida

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Hey there. My opinion on this is that the bird had a nutritional deficiency and now its body is too heavy for its burden. The best idea would be to put it down. You can try to give it some grower/starter poultry feed, since it can provide more protein to its diet than regular feed. Protein will help with healing, but not correct old injuries or deformities.

Thank you so much for your opinion,after going out to feed the rooster this a.m., he was worse, so I had to do what I was quite sure you'd recommened, and what I knew was best, and had him and the rooster w/the cyst (re: Jeff M.)euthanized. They were my 2 favorites, and it's amazing how attached you can get to a chicken. Your reply was greatly appreciated, and helped me greatly.