We need your help re snakes. We moved to a home in Oxford, Md., right on the...

Asked October 21, 2013, 5:39 PM EDT

We need your help re snakes. We moved to a home in Oxford, Md., right on the Tred Avon river about a year ago. Recently we found our cat playing with small snakes INSIDE our home. (She is an indoor/outdoor cat.) We saw her bring several little ones, water snakes we think, into our home. Usualy to the second floor bathroom floor. Today we saw a much larger one--again we think a water snake -- on our bathroom floor on the 2nd floor. YIKE! The cat was not around. We are begining to wonder if the snakes are maybe in the house somewhere as well as the cat bringing them in. Obviously we don't want to sleep with the threat of a snake crawling to our bed from the bathroom. Please tell us how to determine how these snakes are in our home and what we can do about them. A telephone call from you would be so much appreciated

Talbot County Maryland

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We have never heard of snakes climbing into bed with people, so sleep well.
One of the ways to capture snakes indoors is to put a dampened towel on the floor in the area you are seeing them. They may take cover under the towel, and you can place a trashcan or other tub over the towel and slide a flat board between the towel and the floor and take it outside.
Snakes come into homes (often to eat rodents) through cracks in siding, mouldings or around loose door or window frames. You should check to be sure that these are in good condition, and plug/caulk around any holes or openings that you find.
Here is our extension publication on snakes which has a wealth of information about this species, including how to deal with them indoors: http://extension.umd.edu/sites/default/files/_images/programs/hgic/Publications/HG64_Snakes.pdf