low growing water tolerant grass with 50% shade?

Asked October 18, 2013, 10:07 PM EDT

Hi, I live in NW WA state I hope you can help me even though I realize your in CO? I am trying to establish a very small piece of lawn at the end of a paved walk which comes downhill from my front yard. The walk also commutes water when it rains and tends to wash out the existing grass, again, at the end of the walk. I now have a new squarer cement end to the walk which spreads out the water over a much wider area thereby reliving some of the current. This is where I want to grow a moisture tolerant grass that is low growing if possible and still hardy enough to minimize soil erosion? Can you suggest a blend or one type of grass that would serve my needs or minimize the erosion? I realize that the answer may not solve the problem entirely but if it will help hold soil it will suffice.

LC and Thanks

King County Washington

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Short is the problem... you might try a tall fescue which will grow waist high orneed mowing It is a durable grass that should mimimze your erosidelusion