how to eliminate my lawn (has bermuda grass included)

Asked October 17, 2013, 1:52 PM EDT

We want to create a 'desert' area in our landscape. We want to eliminate lawn for this. Bermuda grass is growing in some of this area, and we have some shrubs around the edges of the area. How do we eliminate grasses without killing the shrubs?

Mesa County Colorado

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Solarization will kill the lawn in the area you choose. The method will work on Bermuda Grass and the other grasses in your lawn without the risk of damage to nearby plants as the result of chemical over-spray. Here is the URL for a document from Utah State Cooperative Extension that explains the process of using solarization to remove Bermuda Grass This method will also kill the other grasses in your lawn. Good luck with you landscape project. It sounds like you will be adding interest to your landscape reminiscent of the high plains desert. Stick with native plants for the best outcome.