Late Fall Planting and Sodding

Asked October 17, 2013, 10:17 AM EDT

Hi! I recently had my overgrown front yard garden leveled, and had pavers installed to designate a border around the edges with grass in the center. As soon as that work was finished, it started raining, and I've not been able to plant the perrenials I've purchased, nor have they been able to install the new sod. How late in the season can this be done and expect the prennials and sod to be alive in the spring? Can I put my plants in while the soil is so wet? If sod is installed within the next week or two, can I expect it to survive? The perenials consist of various grasses - feather reed grass, big blue stem, crows feet, etc. Also have cone flowers, sedum and cut-leaf sumac and a couple of varigated iris. thanks!!

Cass County North Dakota

1 Response

I don't recommend sodding after October 1. The perennials should be planted, but not into mud.