Need advice on herbicide application during grazing

Asked October 16, 2013, 7:45 PM EDT

I have limited pasture area and have had little time to maintain it in past years. I need to spray and reseed these areas, and I am wondering what the best pesticide is to kill the broadleaf weeds without harming my grass or my cattle. Also, is there anything that can be applied now, in the fall, that will keep the yellow flowers (many people are calling them buttercups) from coming up next spring?

Patrick County Virginia

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Now is a good time to do the reseeding, at a rate of 15 to 20 pounds of orchard grass per acre. It is also a good time to apply 2,4-D to kill thistle and other biennials at a rate of two pounds of active ingredient per acre. What you need are three days of temperatures in the 60s, and you can apply anytime between now and next March. Unfortunately, the buttercups need to be hit while they are actively growing, so it might be wise to reseed, spray for thistle and other biennials, and hit the buttercups about mid-March with the same product and at the same rate. If you use Forefront, you can forget about legumes for a while, but it is a good product, as well and the product to use if you have Canadian thistle. Forefront has no grazing restriction, and 2,4-D has a restriction of seven days.