Exception to Splitting

Asked October 16, 2013, 1:25 PM EDT

Is there an exception section in the land split act? Could two adjacent (contiguous) parcels exchange small amounts of property and not be subject to the land division act? One parcel (A)gives part of its property to parcel (B) and parcel(B) gives to parcel(A) a small amount of property. One given part would be used to make an already existing built upon lot bigger (prox 50x140), and the other part would be used for a road extension and has a drainage easement already attached to it. Perhaps 4000 sq ft. Neither exception parcel would create a buildable lot.

Wayne County Michigan

1 Response

There are methods of dividing land that are not subject to the Land Division Act. Transfers to adjacent parcels is one of those means of dividing land not regulated under the act. The parcels must meet local zoning standards.