Explain conditional rezoning

Asked October 16, 2013, 11:32 AM EDT

We are in the middle of issuing a Conditional Rezoning permit. I thought at one of the planning classes I took, the instructor said that when you issue a conditional rezoning permit to a person, it is just good for that person only and when that person is done using the property for the reason he applied for, the property would revert back to its previous zoning. Is this true?

Clare County Michigan

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Any special conditions regarding use run with the land and apply to new owners.

Rezoning proposed, with condition that only one certain land use will be built or Rezoning for “certain use and development” – a particular use instead of a class of uses (such as any use allowed in a district). Must be a voluntary agreement – cannot be required or imposed on an owner as part of rezoning. Can be limited to a time period (with extensions) to satisfy conditions or else the property “reverts” to previous zoning.