What is best environmentally friendly way to dispose paper documents?

Asked October 15, 2013, 10:10 PM EDT

Don't know if you cover this type of question but I have a file box of paper documents that I need to dispose of. How do you recommend in most environmentally friendly way? I don't want to put in recycling as is-bank people recommend destroying them. Options that come to mind are (1) shred and recycle thru yard waste, (2) burn them or (3) some other way. Shredding seemed best at first but I have to use the electric power to shred and won't the decomposition process release a similar amount of CO2 that burning would, just slower? Any recommendations?

Linn County Oregon

1 Response

Shredding and composting the documents seems like the best compromise.
Mix the high carbon paper with moisture and other materials that are high in nitrogen, example kitchen vegetable waste or grass clippings.