Is there a non state aligned Master Gardener course?

Asked October 15, 2013, 6:36 PM EDT

I want to sign up for a Master Gardener course but am possibly going to be moving from Vermont to another (unknown at this point) state within the next several months. Is there a course that I can sign up for which will "travel" with me? Thanks

Rutland County Vermont

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It would be best to ask the state coordinator of the state you'll be moving to for more information. The listing for all state programs can be found in this link:

Some state Master Gardener programs like Oregon, Minnesota, and Clemson (South Carolina) all offer online classes. You would first need to check with the state you would like to become a Master Gardener in to to see if they will accept another state's training course. (The reason for this is that climate, horticulture and gardening practices can very greatly between states.)

Thank you for your inquiry. I hope you'll contact your state program when you know more about where you'll be moving.