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Asked October 14, 2013, 9:05 AM EDT

We are planning to plant aquatic plant plugs in our pond in NE PA. We have ducks - mallards and white domestic- in our pond (100' in diameter and about 4' deep) and we are planning to plant aquatic plugs next spring/summer. In May we usually have 5 to 10 Canada geese stop by for about a week. My question is: How do we protect the plugs during the first season before they have time to root in the soil of the pond. The majority of the plugs will be placed in the water, at a 2" to 12" depth. Two suppliers recommended using nylon mesh with 1" X 1" openings, but one person is concerned that our ducks will get tangled, etc., in it. So 2 questions: 1. Do we need to protect the plugs from the ducks/geese. 2. What is the least expensive way to do it? Also: 1. Are these plants so invasive that we shouldn't use them: yellow iris, pickerel weed, and lizard's tail. Note: we want a minimum amount of maintenance. 2. Can you give us a list of about 10 aquatic plants that are low maintenance and prefer sun or part shade? 3. What plants do you suggest for the muddy shore that has sun at least half a day? 4. To get a "natural" look, what is the maximum amount of different plants we should use in one group? 5. Should we use cardinal and turtlehead plants? 6. Which is better for a pond: diffusers (aerators at bottom of pond) or a fountain? Over a ten year period, which is less expensive counting initial cost, cost of electricity and maintenance and repairs. Assume we will hire a contractor to do all of this. 7. Considering that we have a Habitat Enhancement Project, what plants do you recommend?

Luzerne County Pennsylvania

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Hi - would you be able to call me on Tuesday - I am in the Luzerne County extension office. My phone number is 1-570-825-1701