New Homeowner

Asked October 12, 2013, 6:36 PM EDT

It is mid-October and I just bought a house. The lawn is terrible and it being my first house, I am at a loss of what to do and in what order, to repair it. There are tons of weeds (crabgrass and some tall type) there are also a lot of tiny trees, so I'm told, growing under the tree in the front lawn. My objectives are: 1. Get rid of the small trees and prune the tree itself (I think it's some type of Apple tree). Other than cutting them, is there anything I can do to kill the baby trees? I do not know if they are seedlings or root sucker but I'm guessing the latter. 2. Get rid of the weeds or help make sure they don't come back next year 3. Reseed the lawn or overseed it with some kind of ground over. I don't have children or dogs so am not that concerned with foot traffic. 4. Overall, I would like to improve the lawn as dramatically as possible by next spring/summer If you could suggest what should be done, and it what order, I would greatly appreciate it. Is there any point in using a weed killer or trying to reseed this late in the year? Is there any ground cover I could seed? Thank you


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