Retarded epical growth

Asked October 11, 2013, 8:58 PM EDT

The epical shoot of my young durian tree does not grow well,it produces a lot of small erected shoots with yellow small leaves sometime necrotic at the tips and later dying off. The branches below are dominant,long and,are almost as big as the main stem.This symptom is common among a local clone.Could you suggest a remedy to this problem ?

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I am afraid I have no experience with the durian tree, as it grows in tropical locations. I am located in the temperate mid-Atlantic United States. I would suggest that you contact a tropical fruit researcher. I do apologize.


Thank you

Miss Nancy Gregory,I appreciate your kind response.You may not have experience in durian but if you could list out some possibilities when the apex of a tree does not grow well,what could be the reasons behind,nutrient deficiency,root disease or root stock incompatible as suggested by a friend.This tree is 6 years old,bud grafted a meter above ground.

Joo Liang Soh

It is possible that there is a graft incompatibility with the fruit tree. Perhaps that would explain why you are seeing this problem with one particular clone. My best, Nancy

Thank you for your view.If this is the case,nothing much I can do to the tree.
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Joo Liang Soh