Canning Bone-in chicken

Asked October 11, 2013, 1:40 PM EDT

I've looked at the Blue Book and it does give instructions about using bone-in chicken for pressure canning. I wonder if you can tell me if it is tasty? Do the bones help with taste or does it just fall off the bones when taking out of the jars? Also, can I added extra seasonings, including garlic, onions, herbs, etc.? Thanks, Jill from Beaverton.

Washington County Oregon

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Hi Jill,
It was nice to talk to you.

Here is a link to our food preservation publications.
Canning Meat, Poultry and Game PNW 361 is about halfway down the page.

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Hi Jill,

It looks like I might not have added the link to the publication when I responded!

Here it is.