borax on dandelions ineffective

Asked October 11, 2013, 11:24 AM EDT

I applied a 4ml per liter (4000 PPM) solution of borax directly to each plant about 10 days ago. It had no effect on the dandeliions. Should I increase the strength of the solution and reapply, or switch to something else---what?

Boulder County Colorado

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I believe you have already spoken to Susan on the phone - but just to follow up I attach the link to the website from University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension, that she was talking about.
Good luck with the eradication of your dandelions. It is a great time to treat dandelions as all the energy is being pulled back into the root to be stored over winter - this will also pull back any herbicides that you use into the root - and is therefore probably the most effective time of the year to spray to get longer lasting results
Jan - Boulder County Master Gardener