Dealing with silt from the flood

Asked October 10, 2013, 7:29 PM EDT

I have an acre of land including my house on Glade Road west of Loveland, there is quite a bit of silt from the flood on the pasture portion. I have at this point spread it around to some extent, in some places it is still as deep as 12 inches or more. I was told by a neighbor that he heard there is very little organic material in the silt and that I need to try to add sawdust or straw or some other materials, and to try to rototill deep enough to mix the roots from the underlying grass mixed up with the new material--is that necessary? I had a decent coverage of brome (unfortunately some patches of pigweed and tumbleweed that I hadn't fully controlled), should I try to reseed this fall or wait until spring and spray pre-emergent and then seed? Additionally I have a leach field that is one of the areas where the silt is the deepest--any concerns about that I should be aware of? Gosh, I am just at a loss as to how to handle this. Thanks for
any help or suggestions. Randy Williams

Larimer County Colorado

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I am sorry to hear you were affected by the flooding west of Loveland. Please contact me at the Larimer County Extension office either by phone (970-498-6003) or e-mail ( I have information that will be helpful for you, plus Extension Agents in the counties affected by the flood are working with CSU faculty and specialists to help answer questions similar to yours. In the short-term, however, no you should not reseed this fall.