Type of grass to plant for central Texas

Asked October 10, 2013, 11:50 AM EDT

Please let me know what kind of grass does best in the Austin and College Station area for winter and summer? I have part shade and part sun and can only water once a week.
Thank you.
Fred Luhm '63

Travis County Texas

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The best choice for your situation would be Zoysia; Although, if not too shady, a hybrid Bermuda would also work very well. When establishing the lawn, no matter which turf you choose, you will need to water regularly until it has developed deep roots. A few times a week for the first few weeks will help. Then the grass will take time to get truly established and have enough root mass to perform well on once per week. But once established, very few turf grasses will survive just fine (although they won't look like a golf green) on a once per week, deep and thorough irrigation.

Best of luck,