is this a puffball

Asked October 10, 2013, 10:07 AM EDT

is this a puffball and can i eat it safely? note the dime that gives scale. please answer quick. it looks delicious, but not good enuf to die for.

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When in doubt -DON'T. We cannot accurately ID a mushroom from a photo- and many deadly mushrooms look like other edibles. Unless the person doing the ID is an expert, take the safe route and DON'T eat.

your answer, was too little, too late. already ate it. no problem--alto it was kinda tasteless. you might have included info on how to identify the mushroom etc, not a generic dont eat it. i dont need an 'expert' just to tell me to be careful. i ASKED an expert because i was careful.

Please understand our reluctance to providing eating safety of pictures of various mushrooms. There are many of the edible mushrooms that have dangerous look-a-likes. The giant puff ball is none of the easier ones to ID, but it too has a look-a-like that is poisonous. Your picture gave me the view that helps to give it a proper ID, but the second test of skin texture and toughness is hard to determine by the picture. The color of the interior flesh is not as white as it should be for best eating experience. Yes, the giant puff ball has all of the natural flavor of tofu.

The bottom line is, all guides and helpful websites on mushroom ID will all clearly state that the you are the ultimate judge of your own safety when consuming wild mushrooms.

In Missouri, we depend on our publication from our Department of Conservation for mushroom ID. I am sure there is a similar publications in Vermont. Here is the Missouri website: