What type of mushroom is growing on my elm stump?

Asked October 9, 2013, 10:41 PM EDT

I have a beautiful, large mushroom growing out of an elm stump in my front yard here at Lake Panorama. (Please see the attached picture.) Can you help identify it?

Guthrie County Iowa mushrooms mushroom identification

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Hello, Ken,

You have submitted a beautiful picture! It shows what I think is the fruiting body of Polyporus squamosus. The fungus is a Basidiomycete polypore fungus that can grow saprophytically (on dead wood) or cause a white rot or heart rot of trees. It is commonly found associated with hardwood trees such as maple, perhaps where one had been cut down. It produces a sizable fruting body with scales on the top, pores underneath, and is sturdy, not fragile. Most polypores become tough with age, so it would not be edible. I do not recommend eating any mushrooms or fruiting bodies you find unless you are absolutely sure you have it identified by an expert as an edible type.

My best,