Single Family Home Development

Asked October 9, 2013, 10:08 PM EDT

Having read the Penn State study "Costs and Revenues of Residential Development: A Workbook for Local Officials and Citizens," I think the study is geared towards a large, new development, and I'm not sure if it is suited for the calculation of the costs of municipal services as a result of a small development of three three-bedroom homes in an existing neighborhood. Is there any study which addresses this type of small development?

Morris County New Jersey

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The workbook you cite focuses on greenfield construction and larger scale than an infill project of 3 homes. It uses gross-scale averages that would result in problems when applied in this small of a case. Also demographic characteristics of households have changed, and small projects are very context-sensitive with regards to impacts.

I am not aware of any economic impact analysis studies focusing on such a small-scale project; however, generally speaking, infill projects have smaller impacts on the cost of community services.