St Augustine

Asked October 9, 2013, 8:55 AM EDT

I laid St Augustine sod about 2 months ago. It looks healthy, but there are parts where the grass is a much lighter color. Should I worry? How can I fix this?

McLennan County Texas

1 Response

This may be the natural response of the grass going dormant for the winter. Is there a pattern? Newly layed sod often turns yellow where the sod was layed side by side. But this usually appears early not after 2 months. In the fall when the evenings cool, a fungus called brown patch will occur in over fertilized and over watered St Augustine lawns. The brown patch fungus starts where the lawn is wet for the longest time and spreads in a circle like pattern. Treatment calls for reducing irrigation frequency. This time of year irrigation should be only required one day a week if no rain occurs. From November to late March, irrigate once every 2 weeks, Unless a freeze is expected. Always irrigate before a freeze. From the end of March to April irrigate once a week. About mid-May maybe even wait until June, water 2 times a weeks.