Control of grass burrs

Asked October 8, 2013, 9:15 PM EDT

it seems I remember in a recent CEU class on weed control, there is a product that is fairly successful in control grass burrs or sand burrs. can you tell me the best product to use in a pasture or yard situation?

Harris County Texas

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Pasture and yard are different sites with different product options. It would be helpful to know more about the type of grass and management practices it is under also. That said, in a lawn you can use a pre-emergence herbicide to prevent the grassburs from coming up. In most of the Houston area for most years if you get the pre-emergence product down in early February you should be ahead of the grassburs. It may be necessary to repeat the application in mid April since most products don't last more than a couple of months.

Some products for use in a lawn to prevent grassbur seeds from germinating, listed by active ingredient (with example brand names in parenthesis) include:
Benefin (Balan), Oryzalin (Surflan), Oxydiazon (Ronstar), Pendimethalin (Pendulum)
Many other brand names are available on the home market so check for the active ingredients.