Thanks for the identification on the nimblewill. I have a second weed that I...

Asked October 8, 2013, 8:50 AM EDT

Thanks for the identification on the nimblewill. I have a second weed that I would also like to identify and find the means to rid it from my lawn. This green weed has a main stem that will produce several off-shoots. The leaf is somewhat rounded. It seems to spread quite quickly through my lawn. See attached picture. Thanks

Baltimore County Maryland

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This is wild violet, a common weed in lawns. It particularly likes shade and acid (low pH) soil. Soil pH in a lawn should be about 6.5-6.8. If you have not done a soil test in some time, you may want to do one. The pH in your lawn may have gotten very low and acid. The soil test results will tell you how much lime to apply to bring the pH up where it should be. We have soil testing information on our home page.

If you do not change the lawn conditions, you will probably continue to battle wild violets because these are a particularly hard-to-eradicate weed. You can also apply an herbicide. There is a chart in the following publication which makes recommendations for different lawn weeds, including wild violet:
Because violet is a tough perennial weed, you will probably need to apply the appropriate herbicide two times in the fall to get good results. The weeds must be actively growing (not dormant) when you apply the herbicide. Wait 3-4 weeks in between applications. For instance, apply once in September and once in October.


Thanks so much for the answer.

Back to an earlier post, I have an issue with Nimbleweed and it seems the best solution is to apply Tenacity. Can this be applied by the homeowner or does this have to be applied by a lawn professional?


You can apply it yourself, however it is expensive. You may have to do some looking to find it and you may have to buy a quantity that will last a long time. You may want to order online or go where the professionals go, like Lescos or maybe Southern States (Farm and Home) if you have one near you.