St Augustine ( Raleigh ) Sod

Asked October 7, 2013, 9:56 PM EDT

Just laid 100 sq. feet. Am watering every other day. Too much, not enough? Also should I add fertilizer or?...

Dallas County Texas

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That is plenty of water for this time of year. St. Augustine grass is going dormant and will start turning yellow from dormancy pretty soon so don’t be alarmed. After 2 weeks of watering every other day, water every 3rd day for a week and then cut back to every 4th day for a week and then to every 5th day for a week and then water as needed through the winter. St Augustine lawns are susceptible to freeze damage in the winter. So be sure to water before every freeze. You can tell when the grass has rooted by pulling on the sod. If rooted, the sod will not pull up. Fertilize in the spring after the first mowing. Fertilizing now will keep the lawn from going dormant and make it more susceptible to freeze damage.Dallas County Master Gardener help desk, 214-904-3053